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Graduate Fellowships

The Ronald and Maxine Linde Institute of Economic and Management Sciences sponsors graduate fellowships in its areas of research concentration. Faculty can recommend candidates for fellowships lasting up to two quarters. Linde Institute fellowship recipients include:

Past Fellows (in alphabetical order):

          Jun Chen (PhD '18); dissertation: Essays on Early-stage Financing and Firm Behavior
          Khai Xiang Chiong (PhD '15); dissertation: Essays in Social and Economic Networks
          Marcelo Fernandez (PhD '18); dissertation: Essays on Market Design
          Tatiana Mayskaya (PhD '17); dissertation: Essays on Information Collection
          Myungkoo Song (PhD '17); dissertation: Essays on the Impact of Information Asymmetry
          Pengfei Sui (PhD '18); dissertation: Essays on Investor Beliefs and Asset Pricing
          Jun Zhang (PhD '17); dissertation: Essays on Matching Theory

Tatiana Mayskaya (PhD '17)