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Internships impact a student’s career development as they learn about different industries and fields. Through internships, students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience as they contribute to ongoing projects, collaborate with a range of people, and learn from professionals through mentorship. At the same time, employers are able to find and recruit the best talent from one of the top universities in the world. The Linde Institute, in cooperation with the Career Development Center (CDC), organizes two internship programs and encourages other intern opportunities in business, economics and management (BEM).

Summer Undergraduate Startup Internship (SUSI) Program

The SUSI program matches Caltech undergraduates with startups in the greater Los Angeles area for unique summer internships. Caltech faculty and the Office of Technology Transfer and Corporate Partnerships coordinate with outside companies to secure internship opportunities that will expose students to the unique startup environment and help the students’ skills to develop in a real-world business setting.  In 2016, the SUSI program received additional funding from Caltech alumnus Olivier Cojot-Goldberg (BS ’87/MS ’88).

Education Beyond the Classroom

The SUSI program promises several benefits to students. First, because SUSI program organizers carefully screen the participating startups, the risks of interning at a small, untested company are minimized. The SUSI program collaborates with the chosen startups to design internships with specified responsibilities and concrete opportunities for student involvement within the company. Each intern also has an assigned SUSI mentor—from either the Caltech faculty or the Office of Technology Transfer and Corporate Partnerships—who maintains regular contact over the summer and following the student’s return to campus in the fall. Finally, the SUSI program provides a direct $4000 stipend to each intern (separate from the compensation the intern receives from the startup) to use toward the cost of housing and transportation.

Identifying the Next Generation of Talent

Startups involved in the SUSI program gain access to a small pool of intelligent and driven Caltech undergraduate students. The SUSI interns, who choose this program over other valuable opportunities available to Caltech students both on and off campus, are especially driven and focused. Participating startups also stand to benefit as future employers by leveraging these internships into greater name recognition and brand awareness among the wider pool of future Caltech graduates.


  • Non-senior Caltech undergraduates
  • Not also participating in the SURF program this summer
  • Available to intern locally full-time for at least 10 consecutive weeks this summer

How to Apply

  • To apply, submit a resume via Handshake using the following Job ID:
  • #2147245
  • #2143396
  • #2173804
  • Each Job ID is a separate application to a different startup. Please log-in to Handshake using the Job ID’s for more information about the company, internship requirements, and more.

Caltech News featured a story about 2015 SUSI interns here

Summer Undergraduate Finance Internship (SUFI)

The SUFI program facilitates matching Caltech undergraduates with financial firms in New York for unique summer internship opportunities.  Caltech faculty and a group of alumni in New York City coordinate about opportunities to ensure meaningful internships. Each intern will be assigned a Caltech mentor to stay connected over the course of the summer. 

In addition to compensation paid directly by the firm, the SUFI program may offer a modest direct stipend to help defray housing and other expenses, depending on the circumstances of the internship. 

Interested students must have completed BEM 103 (Introduction to Finance) before applying to participate in the SUFI program. Information about SUFI opportunities for summer 2017 will be posted soon.

Additional Opportunities

In addition to the two internship programs, The Linde Institute and CDC coordinate to offer internship opportunities in the following BEM fields:

  • Accounting
  • Corporate finance
  • Financial engineering
  • Information systems and technology
  • Investments
  • Law
  • Macroeconomics consulting
  • Marketing
  • Microeconomics consulting
  • Strategy and management

If you are a student who wants to learn more about summer internships and how to get started on your search, resources can be found here.