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Meet the 2018 SUSI Interns

The third summer of the Summer Undergraduate Startup Internship (SUSI) program gets under way this month with five Caltech undergraduates who were matched with startups in the greater Los Angeles area for unique summer internships. This year's interns include:

Vaibhav Anand, a rising junior majoring in computer science and business, economics, and management (BEM), works at Virtualitics in Pasadena. He is building predictive models for the financial and retail spaces using machine-learning techniques and developing ML routines into a product's backend.

Sophomore Karthik Nair (computer science and BEM) is a machine learning intern at ObEN, Inc., an artificial intelligence company that creates virtual identities for consumers and celebrities in the digital world.

Bhairav Chidambaram, a sophomore computer science major, is also working on machine learning. He is spending his summer at Miso Robotics, a leading robotics and artificial intelligence solutions company.

Sophomore and applied physics major Harel Dor is based at Pasadena's Idealab, where he is writing software for Edisun Microgrids, a solar technology company.

Junior Luke Liao (physics) is spending the summer at aiPod, where he works on machine learning and object detection using neural networks. The developer of a city-integrated Mobility-as-a-Service platform, aiPod's mission is to bring fleets of automated vehicles onto public streets in partnership with major cities.

The SUSI program is operated as part of The Ronald and Maxine Linde Institute of Economic and Management Sciences, with funding from Caltech alumnus Olivier Cojot-Goldberg (BS '87/MS '88).